Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Podcast.

Hi folks, I just started a new podcast called, "Chris Churchill Will Tell You a Story". That's what it is. I'm Chris Churchill. You are you. And the action within the podcast is a story being told from Chris Churchill to "you". Therefore, "Chris Churchill Will Tell You a Story". My only regret is that I can't immediately retitle each episode after you've listened to "Chris Churchill has told you this story" so that you'd know if you'd already listened to it. I'm very thoughtful. In this first episode I tell two. Next time you won't be so lucky. I also end each episode with a song. (Admittedly, a "demo" quality song, but what am I? A professionaly music producer? Nope. Just a groovy dude.) My name is Chris Churchill and you are you. Never confuse that. Anyway, go to and search for "Chris Churchill Will Tell You a Story." There it'll be.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Stuck in an elevator

I'm stuck in an elevator. No wait. I'm fine. No, hang on, wait. Now I'm stuck again. Wait. There she goes. I'm out. Why am I going back in? Because I dropped my keys in there. Now the doors have closed and I'm stuck. I've been here for what seems like months. No wait. I'm out. I'm in the hall. How are you? No that's not you? It's a sign pointing to the elevator? Telling me that that's how to get places?
Great. Now I'm stuck. The doors are shut good now. Wait. Someone's welding the door shut. Shoot. Oh wait. That's just someone welding the door shut. Wait. That's bad. No wait. It's fine. It's just a pop tart. It's luring me out of my cage. I say "treat". Now I'm stuck. Except I guess I'm not.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
As soon as you get out of that elevator.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Les Unmiserables.

I've resented that ranking from the moment I read it. Of course, many Chicagoans have never lived any place else so they're willing to accept it. Meanwhile, the only time I "rock out" is listening to my iPod in my car. I relish my commute to work. You can also READ on a train. That's incredibly relaxing. If commuting is the biggest reason they have for misery, I've just knocked that one down for me. Oh and try to see better theater anyplace (particularly comedy...which is born of so-called "misery"). Time magazine and the London Guardian declared us the new theater capital if the world a few years back. Lets talk about the Pulitzers and Tony's we repeatedly get here. Don't forget all the Nobel Prizes (particularly from the University of Chicago...more than any other American university.) I feel so bad about all those "miserable" geniuses. And, oh my, those sad people in the surrounding neighborhood (sarcasm-in case it was hard to tell). Sure the taxes are a little high but we all make better money than most other "less miserable" cities. And I forgot about those "miserable" architectural masterpieces everywhere. The title was obviously invented by insecure and short sighted statisticians who don't understand that, in any situation, humans adapt. And obviously, in a city so rich in achievements, culture and history, we thrive here. We have lots of serious problems for sure, but doesn't every city of substance? The most miserable thing about Chicago is when it's inhabitants just accept someone else's uninformed judgment. In fact, maybe its that tendency to accept it that lessens our ability to deal with the segregation, crime and school issues here. A little positivity goes a long way. Have some pride Indiana Josh. Maybe the problem is that you work in one of the greatest cities in the world but you live in Indiana. There, did I get that P. R. job, Mr. Emmanuel?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Hang.

I'm getting the hang of everything. I've been working on everything. Hunger. I handled that. Cancer. Just try and catch it. It's done. Violence. I made friends with it because I didn't think it was appropriate to kill it or anything else.
Most importantly, I'm getting school stuff done. Figured out my editing software enough to do my editing for video production class. Ready to start rounding up the cast and crew for the movie. The novel is wrapping up the first draft. I wish Paul F. Tompkins could do the audio book. Or Robert Buscemi. I need an unnaturally upbeat interpretation of this main character.
Still nervous about the movie.
Oh. And I figured out whatever it is that's going on. I'll tell you when I see you. It takes a nice, face to face over coffee meeting. A blog post just wouldn't express the subtleties involved in the answer.

Monday, February 04, 2013


Today I got my headshots taken. Man am I fat and forty. That's okay. I've got a friendly man's face. Wearing makeup in a garage spitting distance from where Cabrini Green used to be. Had a good time. Tina Smothers is a great friend and photographer. Without posting the photos, I've decided to title a few: Hey! That's my cat! Here's your football, sir. Aren't I adorable? Am I frightening you? Let me tell you a funny story. Let me tell you an intriguing story. I'm pretty sure that's gonna blow up. Eye wrinkles! You've captured my soul in that picture box and I love it! From the guitar series: Hang on, I got it. Wait, I can remember this. Wrong string! Flamenco king for all your flamenco needs. I only like these first two strings. I am a very important man. I think that covers it. Enjoy your tomorrow, all.

Friday, February 01, 2013

The book I'm working on...

I decided that I want to post a random couple paragraphs from the first draft of the book I'm writing. Without giving you any sort of context, I give you a portion of the climax of the book:

“Please proceed slowly and carefully to the tables and counters as they are available. Please do not drink coffee quickly as it can burn your throat. At such time as it is deemed appropriate I will ask three holiday themed trivia questions. And now a toast. To the holidays. You may drink.”

My shoulders quaked, as if I was being pulled back by the giant unseen hand of God. The spirit of John Smith was giving my spirit an allergic reaction. I disapproved.

“I must add conditions. If you don’t mind, John.”

---why the boring name you might ask, blog reader? Who's talking to who? You will find out later when it's done. And who knows? By then, this part may have been edited out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Singing Through the Pain

I watched much of "Singing in the Rain" tonight. It was kind of a dare. My Film Genre's teacher said to the class, "you don't like musicals?" And he explained to us why we did. Then he played much of "Singing in the Rain". Of course, most of us loved it. But the troubling thing was a subtopic that came up. Turns out Debbie Reynolds danced till her feet bled. Donald O'Connor spent a week in the hospital after "Make 'em Laugh". That's just "Singing in the Rain". Did you know Buster Keaton only found out ten years after the fact that he'd broken his collarbone making a movie? Did you know I think I broke my foot 13 years ago and didn't figure it out til this year? Did you further know: George Clooney actually drowned for real three times during "Perfect Storm"? Fred "Rerun" Berry was NOT an audioanimatronic machine? Asimo, the Robot made by Honda is on seventeen sex offender websites? God had to be recast at the last minute because the first guy was finite? Don Rickels has a cold RIGHT NOW? It's a crazy world folks. And the movies are crazy too. And sometimes the people in the world are also in movies. And the people in the movies are also in the world. That gets confusing for people that just like smiling and nodding at strangers. That's me. The reason why I mention all this is, if I'm making this next low budget movie, (and I am) I won't be making people work too hard. Because I can't pay hospital bills or even buy anyone new shoes. The "did you knows" coming out of the production of my next move will be things like: "Did you know Churchill shit himself three lines into that take?" "Did you know that this character wasn't in the original script? He just wandered onto camera from a nearby homeless shelter and Chris was afraid to tell him to leave." You know. Stuff like that.